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The Canadian Jump Rope Company, based out of Burnaby, BC was founded by like-minded retail enthusiasts, eager to offer the best deals and the most fantastic merchandise to fellow Canadians. Whether you’re picking up a jump rope for the first time, an occasional athlete or a serious pro, our store brings you the knowledge and the passion you need to get started on your jump rope journey.

In March 2020, we were all in lockdown due to COVID-19. All organized sports were cancelled, gyms were closed and there wasn’t much we could do until we found out more about the Coronavirus.

My husband and I ended up investing in a stationary bike which would be our form of exercise for many months to come. I quickly grew bored of the classes and needed something different, but similar type of cardio work out.

I decided to buy a $10 rope online and I was hooked. After a month I had already gone through two ropes. So I did more research on which ropes were more durable. I ordered more ropes online – ones with different handles, various weights, PVC, steel wire, plastic beads, soft beads… The specific ropes I really wanted were either from the UK or the US and shipping costs were high – more than the cost of the actual ropes. After hopelessly searching for similar ropes with affordable prices from Canadian sites, I still had no luck.

As a jump rope enthusiast, I'm excited to offer quality jump ropes vastly available to Canadians at competitive prices. We, at Canadian Jump Rope Company, believe that in the 21st century, shoppers should be able to buy high-quality and affordable goods—anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Check out our Online Store today and get in touch if you have any questions.



The Canadian Jump Rope Company was founded by Allison Goldberg. In early 2021, Allison quickly grew fond of jump rope as a main exercise during the pandemic - it was affordable, easy to transport, but plain and simple - it was the best - and most fun cardio workout. "Each time I mastered a new move, there was always another one to challenge myself with."

Allison received her Jump Rope Certification and started The Canadian Jump Rope Company in hopes of spreading awareness of the importance of heart health and the many benefits of jump rope. 

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