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April Jump Rope Meet up in Vancouver

What an amazing Jump Rope Meet up we had this past April! So many jump rope enthusiasts came by and I'm sure we inspired many onlookers with all the energy, smiles, and laughs we shared. I love how our community continues to grow each time we meet up.

Save the date for Vancouver's May meetup - Sunday, May 15th @ 3pm at Concord Community Park (near Science World). Everyone welcome - all ages, all skill levels! Just come by with your jump rope, if you don't have one, there are always some extras lying around just waiting to be used.

If you want to keep up with all upcoming Jump Rope Meetups in Vancouver, be sure to join the meetup page here Jump Rope Vancouver (Vancouver, BC) | Meetup and follow @VancouverJumpRope on Instagram.

Hope to meet even more of you at the next meet up!

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