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Thank you for showing your support at our local Ringette Tournament

My first time having a vendor table at an event was a great success and experience. Thank you to those who came by after playing, coaching, watching ringette and to those who had no association with ringette, but knew I'd be selling jump ropes that weekend.

Managing the booth while coaching 2 different divisions and playing with my own team on the ice was a bit much to handle - sorry to those who came by while i was on the ice or coaching.

I'll be setting up at another ringette tournament from December 3-5 in Langley for the Spirit of Winter Tournament. This time I'll be at my booth full time! You'll be able to custom design your own jump rope with up to 13 vibrant colours to choose from or choose from one of my signature designs.

I love that our jump rope community is growing little by little!

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